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Three women, three generations

Three women three generations three  universes  


“Tell our stories, remember the roots, awaken the fire, encourage women
and men, show what we have in common, inspire life, encourage love,
remind us of success.”

The common thread of the saga is an amber that the great-grandmother finds in the Baltic Sea
and which is henceforth passed on from mother to daughter.


Author ROSE

loves humanity and the planet. When she writes, good spirits always accompany her. Humanity is lovely, observing and recording stories is a passion for the traveling author. For her, writing is also an act of digestion, a way to process the fullness of life. Or, as Socrates said:


“Everything we put into words, we can leave behind.”

Real stories have fascinated Rose for as long as she can remember. As a biographer, she witnesses and records people's life stories and shares her craft as an author. 

Autorin Rose




Trude Cover
Amber Cover
Meilin Cover

TRUDE grew up as the seventh child in a bare men's house in Estonia. As a young woman, she blossomed alongside her lover Valentin. The two started a family and moved to Leningrad. Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, the family seized the opportunity and migrated to Darwin, where the father got a job as an engineer in a shipyard. Thanks to her Aboriginal friend Bakana, Trude survived the hail of bombs that the Japanese dropped on Darwin in February 1942. She spent the war years with the children in the safety of the outback. After the war, Trude found normality again in her work and in looking after her teenagers. Miraculously, a piece of amber that Trude's mother once found on a Baltic beach reached Trude and was passed on from mother to daughter as a symbolic women's stone. Trude's children Sergej, Philipp and Anne became independent and started their own families. A particularly strong bond develops between her granddaughter Meilin and Trude. After Cyclone Tracy razed Darwin to the ground for a second time in 1974, Trude moved to Brisbane to live with Anne. In the last phase of her life, she devoted herself to her love of books by running an antiquarian bookshop. Towards the end of her life, Trude described herself as an ineradicable root. And rightly so! She never let herself be bent and always kept her stubbornness. Anne's husband Malcolm used to just roll his eyes at his eccentric mother-in-law. TRUDE (German) Volume I of the Bernstein Saga 1908-1998 Novel Hardcover, 480 pages, 2017 ISBN 978-3-931560-54-6 Sheema Medien Verlag

AMBER owes her name to her red hair and the amber that her mother Meilin wore when she was born. This family stone was passed down the line from mother to daughter. The parents, the Swiss Walter and the Australian Meilin, moved to Switzerland with the infant to try out the family thing. The reactor accident in Chernobyl, Meilin's abysses, the capable grandmother Nelly and the distant relatives Down Under shaped Amber's early childhood. At the age of twelve, Amber finally moved to the city of Zurich to live with her father. City life, Walter's awakened political sense and teacher Niklaus Hug aroused Amber's interest in global and social connections. As a sociology student, she acquired background knowledge, was outraged by the nuclear and war lobby and unfair power structures. She dreamed of women awakening worldwide for the benefit of all. With the support of her partner Frederik, she went into politics. After Fukushima, her commitment caught the spirit of the times and she made a political breakthrough. At a future congress in Berlin, Amber finds new inspiration. However, an encounter with a person from the past proves her undoing. Due to a moment of carelessness, she ends up in the headlines and experiences the dark side of social media. She is hit by a wave of vicious hatred. However, the main reason for leaving politics is the desire for a profound reorientation. The novel AMBER captures the spirit of the times and describes the story of a woman of the Y generation in Central Europe, exploring and positioning herself in a highly complex society. Amber's life is interwoven with contemporary history, questions of ethics, of why, where and where the global community is moving. The novel AMBER is the second volume of the Bernstein Saga and differs in language and style from the first volume TRUDE. But in great-granddaughter Amber, Trude's keen mind shines through unmistakably. AMBER (German) Volume II of the Bernstein Saga 1986 -2015 Novel Hardcover, 680 pages, 2018 ISBN 978-3-931560-67-6 Sheema Medien Verlag

MEILIN - Grandmother Trude and a red dress that appears to her in a dream are able to keep the girl warm throughout her childhood. At nineteen, she flees to Europe with the backpacker Gérard. Her odyssey takes her to Morocco, via Egypt to France, where she briefly finds a home in a commune and becomes unintentionally pregnant.  For the sake of her daughter Amber, she follows the child's father Walter to Switzerland and realizes that being a mother is not her thing. Mother-in-law Nelly's sewing machine and beautiful fabrics briefly pull Meilin out of her dreariness. Wavering between her need for freedom and her love for her daughter, she meanders through life. The turning point is a trip to the outback, where she meets the stranger of her life: herself. MEILIN (German) Volume III of the Amber Saga Novel, hardcover | 2022 672 pages,  33 € | CHF  ISBN 978-3-948177-19-5

TRUDE E Book en español en junio de 2024
TRUDE E Book in English coming soon
ANNIE Volume IV and MARTHA Volume V will follow in 2025 | 2026

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